Sunday, 21 September 2014

Windows 8, Win+I key combination

In Windows 8, Win+I key combination is used to bring up the Settings Charms.

So in Visual Studio 11 Coded UI Test, we now use Ctrl+I to locate controls. 
NOTE: This shortcut key and its behavior is present only Coded UI Test Builder is in “Add Assertions” mode.
Also NOTE: The change is applicable for Visual Studio 11 on all Operating systems. (not just Win8)

You can modify this key combination now in Coded UI Test Builder.exe.config

(%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Visual studio11.0\Common7\IDE\CodedUITestBuilder.exe.config)

In the appSettings section, add the following keys. (Replace with Modifier & Key that you want)
<add key="FetchModifierKey" value="Control"/>
<add key="FetchKey" value="I"/>

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