Sunday, 13 July 2014

Increasing the test result file storage limit in CodedUI

In CodedUI the Test Result folder is created automatically. The "Test Result" is in a folder in which the solution file is located(by default).

The default file storage limit is 25 files. The files are stored in .trx format which is nothing but an XML file.

We can increase the limit as described below in 5 steps:

1. Click on "Tools". Select "Options" menu item.


2. "Options" pop up will be shown. Click on "Test Tools" menu item from the list.
3.  Click on "Test execution" sub menu-item.

4. Enter the integer value i.e. the number of files you want to save in Test result folder.

5. If you want to see the detail reason (if script fails) on double click on test result we need to check the checkbox.

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