Monday, 11 May 2015

Creating .CAB files with Powershell

Syntax for creating a cab file
New-CabinetFile -Name -File "File01.exe","File02.txt"
--This creates a new file in the current directory and adds the File01.exe and File02.txt files to it, also from the current directory.
Syntax for extracting a cab file
Get-ChildItem C:\CabFile\ | New-CabinetFile -Name -DestinationPath C:\Users\UserA\Documents
--This creates a new C:\Users\UserA\Documents\ file and adds all files within the C:\CabFile\ directory into it.
Code for the New-CabinetFile function:
function New-CabinetFile {
        [Parameter(HelpMessage="Target .CAB file name.", Position=0, Mandatory=$true, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true)]
        [string] $Name,
        [Parameter(HelpMessage="File(s) to add to the .CAB.", Position=1, Mandatory=$true, ValueFromPipeline=$true)]
        [string[]] $File,
        [Parameter(HelpMessage="Default intput/output path.", Position=2, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true)]
        [string[]] $DestinationPath,
        [Parameter(HelpMessage="Do not overwrite any existing .cab file.")]
        [Switch] $NoClobber
    Begin { 
        ## If $DestinationPath is blank, use the current directory by default
        if ($DestinationPath -eq $null) { $DestinationPath = (Get-Location).Path; }
        Write-Verbose "New-CabinetFile using default path '$DestinationPath'.";
        Write-Verbose "Creating target cabinet file '$(Join-Path $DestinationPath $Name)'.";
        ## Test the -NoClobber switch
        if ($NoClobber) {
            ## If file already exists then throw a terminating error
            if (Test-Path -Path (Join-Path $DestinationPath $Name)) { throw "Output file '$(Join-Path $DestinationPath $Name)' already exists."; }
        ## Cab files require a directive file, see '' for more info
        $ddf = ";*** MakeCAB Directive file`r`n";
        $ddf += ";`r`n";
        $ddf += ".OPTION EXPLICIT`r`n";
        $ddf += ".Set CabinetNameTemplate=$Name`r`n";
        $ddf += ".Set DiskDirectory1=$DestinationPath`r`n";
        $ddf += ".Set MaxDiskSize=0`r`n";
        $ddf += ".Set Cabinet=on`r`n";
        $ddf += ".Set Compress=on`r`n";
        ## Redirect the auto-generated Setup.rpt and Setup.inf files to the temp directory
        $ddf += ".Set RptFileName=$(Join-Path $ENV:TEMP "setup.rpt")`r`n";
        $ddf += ".Set InfFileName=$(Join-Path $ENV:TEMP "setup.inf")`r`n";

        ## If -Verbose, echo the directive file
        if ($PSCmdlet.MyInvocation.BoundParameters["Verbose"].IsPresent) {
            foreach ($ddfLine in $ddf -split [Environment]::NewLine) {
                Write-Verbose $ddfLine;
    Process {
         ## Enumerate all the files add to the cabinet directive file
        foreach ($fileToAdd in $File) {
            ## Test whether the file is valid as given and is not a directory
            if (Test-Path $fileToAdd -PathType Leaf) {
                Write-Verbose """$fileToAdd""";
                $ddf += """$fileToAdd""`r`n";
            ## If not, try joining the $File with the (default) $DestinationPath
            elseif (Test-Path (Join-Path $DestinationPath $fileToAdd) -PathType Leaf) {
                Write-Verbose """$(Join-Path $DestinationPath $fileToAdd)""";
                $ddf += """$(Join-Path $DestinationPath $fileToAdd)""`r`n";
            else { Write-Warning "File '$fileToAdd' is an invalid file or container object and has been ignored."; }
    End {
        $ddfFile = Join-Path $DestinationPath "$Name.ddf";
        $ddf | Out-File $ddfFile -Encoding ascii | Out-Null;
        Write-Verbose "Launching 'MakeCab /f ""$ddfFile""'.";
        $makeCab = Invoke-Expression "MakeCab /F ""$ddfFile""";
        ## If Verbose, echo the MakeCab response/output
        if ($PSCmdlet.MyInvocation.BoundParameters["Verbose"].IsPresent) {
            ## Recreate the output as Verbose output
            foreach ($line in $makeCab -split [environment]::NewLine) {
                if ($line.Contains("ERROR:")) { throw $line; }
                else { Write-Verbose $line; }
        ## Delete the temporary .ddf file
        Write-Verbose "Deleting the directive file '$ddfFile'.";
        Remove-Item $ddfFile;
        ## Return the newly created .CAB FileInfo object to the pipeline
        Get-Item (Join-Path $DestinationPath $Name);

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