Friday, 31 October 2014

Close a specific Tab in browser with Multiple tabs

This is a little continuation of the previous post.

Multiple browser tabs implementation using CodedUI

So the scenario is a browser opened with three tabs, each one with Bing, yahoo and google opened.

Now if i wanted to close the specific browser tab in it.

this is how u do it

public void CloseTab(string tabName)
            BrowserWindow openBrowser = new BrowserWindow();
            Playback.PlaybackSettings.MatchExactHierarchy = true;
            openBrowser.SearchProperties[UITestControl.PropertyNames.ClassName] = "IEFrame";
            WinTabList openBrowserTabList = new WinTabList(openBrowser);
            openBrowserTabList.SearchProperties[WinTabList.PropertyNames.Name] = "Tab Row";
            WinTabPage myTabPage = new WinTabPage(openBrowserTabList);
            myTabPage.SearchProperties[WinTabPage.PropertyNames.Name] = tabName;
            WinButton close = new WinButton(myTabPage);
            close.SearchProperties.Add(WinButton.PropertyNames.Name, "Close Tab", PropertyExpressionOperator.Contains);
            //close.SearchProperties[WinButton.PropertyNames.Name] = "Close Tab (Ctrl+W)";

Happy coding :)

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